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April 9th, 2009, proximately 21.45 hours, is when I first had this sort of thought. It’s all started after I saw a movie, which directed by Alex Proyas, about an Astrophysics professor who read a prophecy about the end of the days. When I get home, I try to surf about that movie (originally to see who plays as the daughter of the One). I click one of the links provided by the Google, and it is brought me to one of article from a huge database of article that usually becomes the reference of any article based answers. On one drag, I already found the answer I needed—actually more than what I needed. Then, on a split second, my attention is diverted. It started with a hyperlink about Astrophysics, continue to Astronomy, and finally to Enrico Fermi. Anyone know about Fermi Paradox? I’m not going to explain what is it about, where is the theory derived from, or a mere simple conclusion about it for myself are not exactly understand of it—literally. For all of many words that written on the article, only three words from Fermi that stick to my mind: Where are they? It is the question that leads him to found the Fermi paradox and the question of extraterrestrial life.

Where are they? Is in other planet? No one knows. One participant recollects that Fermi then made a series of rapid calculations using estimated figures (Fermi was known for his ability to make good estimates from first principles and minimal data). According to this account, he then concluded that Earth should have been visited long ago and many times over. How many times did you have heard stories about superior beings are giving its partial of intelligence to a subject of our world? It is numerous, either in shapes or locations. They give technologies, prophecies, and civilizations to us mankind in those stories; but none ever had exact evidence of their impliedly contact. I already know that human found the civilization and technology by doing several of development and ideas, but neither of it gave clearly assurance of the absent of other intelligence beings interferences.

I’m not talking about mere science fiction beings such as UFO or E.T., but rather to the idea of high-end beings. Not only about the capacity of its intelligences, but also the differences of its quality. Not about its whereabouts, but I’m talking about its existences. One perspective of those beings are they’re light-based sentient. This perspective is giving a way for them to be light-based activity beings. Such as travelling in light-speed, have shape of light, invisible upon man’s eyes, and so on. On the movie I mentioned above, the being have this kind of shape. I don’t really have the guts to linked this article to other issue as the movie have done, but it is possible to mankind have different perspective about those issue. What I have in mind is, it is possible to them for being here (Either in our Earth or our Dimension) and unnoticed by us, physically, for they are tricked our vision to have different kind of light. By doing so, our visions are not synchronized with their nature shape and make them invisible.

In the end, the question is not about right or wrong. Neither is about which, when, or where. If Fermi asked where are they? For He try to give scientific approach of certainty and calculated probability, I try to approach the other ways. It is perhaps an approach of uncertainty and abstract ideas. Furthermore, there are more out there than here. So here my question: What if?

What if it’s not like we already known all along?