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Once upon a time, there is a boy who live in the countryside. Weak, modest, young, and free the boy was. He live only with his grey horse in his house that help him to go around, instead family nor friends. Neighborhood he has, one which he always riding around with his grey horse. Never to spoke to anybody he is, only smile and took a little bow for everything. Be friendly he didn’t, but he would help any neighbor he had. Even the King of the country have heard about him, the boy of grey horse.

In one autumn morning, he again ride on his grey horse. Free, steady, and fast they go. Until they meet a Rancher around the neighborhood. The Rancher greet them, for he only smile and bow for the return. The Rancher commented his horse as the most lively creature on the neighbor, for it is a pity that the creature must live only inside the neighborhood instead becoming royal stead. The rancher are looking pale when he talks about the audition that royal palace had on the capital, which a Tyrant from far away land arrange for one condition of a truce. Without the truce, the Kingdom will fall and people would live in terror of tyranny. But riddle have been prepared by the Tyrant, which only the horse that could reach every corner of the kingdom within a day could win the contest. The boy only bow for hear the news, with a smile.

On the day of contest, all rancher and rider from all over the kingdom has come to the palace. Each of them show how their horse run accross the Kingdom, but each failed to reach all of the corner within a day. When the war are almost fall in front of the kingdom, the boy come out to show his trick. He come up to in front of all attending person. His horse followed behind. When the horn is blown, everyone curios for the boy only stand; bow; and smile to the tyrant. His horse, the proud grey horse, is follow him to the face of the crowd and bowed at the back of his master. Silentness is lurking within the crowd, for they curious what the boy had in his sleeve.

Suddenly, the boy grasp a blade which from the beginning tide up on his back. WIth lighning speed, he swing the blade and ended grey horse’s life. Blood are wildly thrown over that grey body, lurking to each feet that close enough to it. Instantly, horror; pity; sadness; confuse; and all that one’s mind could fit on are striking the crowd’s. Even the Tyrant tremble before his throne, for on his wildest thought he never think that the boy would dare to do such action. In short time, the news of the boy are heard accross the Kingdom. Even to every single corner of the smallest land.

“And now my horse has reach the entire kingdom, for her name and her story spread like a plague. And for that, the war has been avoided” The boy said when he bow and smile.

After the event, the Tyrant forced to leave the kingdom for he couldn’t bear the terror of the event. The Royal married their princess to the boy, and by doing so the boy had family once again. For over the years people still remember and parent told their child when a boys become their prince, even when he is a King in the future. The story about The Grey Horse Boy.