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It was back then when the world is till young. There was a land that seperated from the mainland. The land of the wild, free, and green. Its habitated with they whom called the Green people, the people of tree and woods. The Great Tree gave birth to their ancestor, now their children who bore Great Tree’s heritage. Live with the nature they are, harmony and give in each other they were. Both the green and the living.

Life was easy for the island to survive over the centuries. The habitants are always look to each other. The Woods give them foods, the Beast give them protection, the Ray give them light, the Green give them wisdom, the Roots give them shelter, for the Green people give them experience of life. Singing, dancing, laughing, for joyful life they have together. No need of fire in their life for the stars are friends for them, nor darkness nor blackness. O life of the Green People, it is so simple, yet they not know what is the meaning of complication.

It is when a daughter of Green people see a black cloud over the west horizon, when she is playing on top of the Great Tree with her white squirrel friend. Not like ordinary cold and breezy black cloud which invite overcast to their land, this dark is full of heat and burning. No lighning, instead the existence of tremendous of quiver. Something suddenly strike her heart, shiver she did for she didn’t know what being is moving her heart. For she know only the Beast could reach that far over the seas, and she know nor Beast nor people could produce such shiver. A shiver of terror.

She calls in alarms, for adult only laugh and smile for her story. Over generation they did life in peace, for they not ready to be alarmed. The daughter is try, cry, and pray for people to listen. for Green couldn’t hear what she said, Woods only silent, Ray ignore her, Roots dwell in deep sleep, and Beast too busy as winter is approaching. Tired, she is. So she withdrew to her neighbor, the Mountain, for they could assist her on hiding over their shadow. Only her white squirrel accompany her over the top of Mountain. Mountain and Woods are brother and sister, for Mountain is more silent than other. She sit, always look over the west sea, watching the black terror cloud cling closer over the island.

Days she awaits. Nor food nor water she had, for only silent and squirrel she had. Awaiting for her terror to become a fact. And it must be ended, for the Black Cloud arrived at her island. Hundred of Iron Whale has landed on her beach. Black smoke burns out over their nose, for their nose are like boar’s when looking at stary sky. Water becomes muddy, sky goes dark, poisonous rain comes from the heaven, toxic air plagued the land. From over the Mountain she awaits and sees, for her heart shiver like crazy. She did thinks her mind trick her, for she feels sorry that she thinks her heart pound hardly and produce earthquake to the Mountain. But relieves she had for she know that not her is the reason of the earthquake, and horror follows for she now know what is the cause.

Thousand hammered steps that comes from the Iron Whale mouth drove the Mountain to suffer the same shiver she had. Thousand simmering people marched upon the Woods. They’re called the Iron People. Story of the advanced people of western mainland has been heard over the centuries for they are a mighty and ferocious army with iron armor all over their bodies. A war addict nation. No flesh, no skin, no breath, only creak and oil they had. Marched like shimmering flood they are, for the Woods in panic to meet this terror. Wipe everything beneath their step, cuts of every tree they found, burn every bushes on encounter, the Great Tree is tremble beneath their iron armor.

The Woods give them blaze, the Beast give them ferocity, the Ray give them shadow, the Green give them ashes, the Roots give them inprisonment, for the Green people give them weep of terrifying. Shouting, crying, despair, for extinction are upon them. O the once free and green nation, now has perished over shimmering black and grey.

Over several winters fear strike her heart at first she experience it. Despair it has become when she know the end is coming. Sadness comes when alone she feel. Rage it is ended when she drove by vengeance. By spring, iron skycrapper tower and black breath factory has established above once she called home. Once blue sky now become grey ashes one. Water become red and purple, and the air are become heated. The once mentor of wisdom now become the fuel of productivity. The rest are hunted, be slave, or lowly entertainment for simple amusement. Green People fight the Beast over almost everything for they now has lost their relationship as free being. Even the once her loyal friend the innocent white squirrel has corrupted onto ferocious being. The once Great Tree of nature, Iron City of ambition its now become.

Yes she know that the Brother has been conquered by the Iron People, but not the sister. By her rage, the daughter of Green people enraged the sister and make her erupted. Ferocious lava flow over her mouth. The daughter stand between the sister and brother, upon a rock that stand tall to the heaven. Overseeing the rage of nature with wicked smile carved on her face when the lave make wild stream beneath her small feet.

Her rage wreak havoc for everything on its path. His home was vanished with flame, now she’ll return it by flame. The once high mighty armored nation now fall to their Iron Whale for their iron has become feed for her rage. The Black has replaced by the Red, and leaves the Brown as remains. The Iron People has set sailed to mainland, bring terror away with them. Peace is restored, people become free, and nature once again breathing. People thanked the Daughter for she has rescue them, Beast gathering around her, and Woods start grow beneath her rocks.

“From nowadays I’m the only decendant of Green People for all of you has lost your Free Nature. From nowadays, people and beast must live separated to ensure both life, for I will guide the people and my Sister will guide others. The Brother are once again rebirth and he is now become younger than us, for that we are responsible for his flowering. Woods will be rebuilt, for no longer they will be green yet brown. Water will be refilled, for no longer they will be clear yet colored. Ground will be restored, for no longer they will safe yet fruitfull. The Age of Green and free we will miss, the Age of Black and terror we will be warned, the Age of Brown and hope we will faced. We will be poles apart from now my fellow nature beings, for that I hope the history will be not rewrited.” The Daughter says.

After the speech, the Beast and Brown People-which now they’re called-cried for they will be never met each other and regretting what has come upon them. That day has become the last day that people talk to nature beings, for from that day they live different way of life. The Sister brought the beast beneath her shadow and protect them with her walls, for the Daughter rebuild the remains city of Iron People and told them to raise a wall so they can encounter danger from outside.

Until over centuries, the Brown People and the Beast has forgotten each other and live on different realm. The Brown people founded civilization when the Beast found evolution. Overtime, both of them lost their memories about the Daughter, the Sister and the Brother. Nonetheless, sometimes people still seeing a girl standing over a rock and do dancing when there is earthquake happening. The Daughter and the Sister must be overjoyed, dancing, and be merry knowing that the Brother recovered, that what old people that still remembered the history would said. And so, the Brown Age of that island has begin.