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Tag Archives: Broken Bridge Girl

On a snowy night, standing on a cold bridge a Girl with brown hair. She stare to the starry skies, talking with them. Only with dirty long-extravagant cloth and naked feet, the Girl faced the northern wind that felt frozen cold that shaken even adult on their proper form. The wind blow as fast as they like, not mentioned the breeze snow that comes follow. Grumble she always is, every time she walk on the bridge. People already aware of the tales of the broken bridge girl. It is said that the Girl was born on that bridge. The Family took their baby born away and living on hiding beneath the bridge for many years. Now the girl only live without no one for her predecessor has passed to otherworld. Without further words from both her father and other people that come pass by, she found that the bridge is the only world and home she had. For she play, cry, smile, talk, eat, drink, growth, and dreaming on the bridge. She got her daily needs from the bridge. Food from people, cloth from scrapheap, and experience from each event that occurred on the bridge. She knows about relationship, but never learned about trust. She know how to talk, but never know how to start conversation. She know how to survive, but not about honor. She know what is life, but never full of it.

Every night the girl always look at the stary skies, and talk to them. Never she smile for others, but only for the stars. For that reason people think that the girl are twisted in her mind. Sometimes people give her a decent cloth, but she refuse for she think only her’s are the most gallant for that is originated from her family’s treasure. Sometimes a group of children ask her to be their friend, but she turns away for only stars she could talk with. Sometimes an old wealthy pair asked her to be their child, for only to be turned away for she think that they’re from different world of her.

The Bridge is a center of contraband. Every product from piracy, robbery, looting, or just simple thieving are sold there. Covered by crate full of fruit or vegetables, the real trade did under the surface. With unencrypted words and twisted smile. For its happens everyday, the Girl thought it was normal for them to use her upper-level-home to be used for that activity. They also give her free food for her silentness. It is sometimes people could seen that the Girl talk to other people, accompany them along the bridge, and turned away for them when they had crossed her Bridge.

One day, a great flood is coming. For her Bridge-home is right above the water level, she thought that she’ll be all right. Every contraband merchant are running for their sake. People are restricted by the authorities to get pass the bridge, and so they leave the Girl alone. The Girl is grumble to everyone, but ask no help from them. She alone, and only she alone start to piling up the left behind crate to fortify her bridge from the great flood. It is miracle that a lone girl could make a self-build dam to prevent the water to pass by. People who seeing her from the edge of the bridge admired her, think highly of her, and makes her their idol for her courage. Some of them become sad for her, cry for her, and angry for her stand pat. Some others try to give her advice for she didn’t see the real calamity.

Finally she finished her works. Admire herself for her stand alone fight against nature, prize herself for her hard-work, encourage herself to defend her Bridge, and humiliate others that she is could stand above them. “I am the Bridge!” She shout to the sky for her pride are explode from inside. And on that moment, suddenly a horror comes to everyone face. A terror sound come from below the Bridge. A deadly sound. The next thing they remembered is the Bridge fall right in front of them, and drag the Girl into the deadly stream down below. It is true that the girl successfully fortified the above-level, but she not know that the below-level of the Bridge already crumble for it could not hold against great flood stream. Many people shocked about it, cry for her, and pray for the Bridge. For they will remember how the Bridge buildup, the Girl’s life, and how they fell together. The story of broken bridge Girl.