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Well, this idea while wrote my previous post. I make it in other post because it’ll not have exact relation to the previous post. After seeing some of Hayao Miyazaki’s work, I mumble to my self “These movies are revolved around youth issue, but did youth and children nowadays have tendency to realize these issue?” For example the nature issue in Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind or Prince Mononoke; or habit and relationship issue in Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro; also responsibility and sacrafice issue in Tales of Earthsea; and not to forget to mention respect issue in Howl’s Moving Castle. Many other issue could be seen, with many more titles to represent it.

Mentor of mine once said that youth nowadays would prefer more ‘cool’ and ‘refreshing’ kind of movies, where they only need to watch it once to prove their up-to-date existence in social networking. Only several of them interest in a movie with morality wisdom. I ask my friend once about this, she said “Isn’t it cartoon movies? Well, its for bed-time story not grown up.” and she just 18.

Majority of children, and youth, nowadays seeing movie in purpose to ‘copy-and-apply’ any lifestyle and standard embed in it. The morality of story and development of characteristic will be faded away with the credit title. Is it wrong to see the world with child’s perspective? Why everyone want to be grown up so fast?

Its too soon for me to think this way, but I know I’ll reserve these kind of movies. Not for me, but for my future child. Rather than educated by so-called updated entertainment and lifestyle of the star, optimistic and consistency of a imaginative hero guided with our understanding to the reality will be more safe for our next generation mind.


They say its childish, its honesty for me.

They say its naive, its optimist for me.

They say its not updated, its not materialistic for me.

They say its imaginative, its perspective for me.

They say its slow, its detail for me.

They say its too easy, its inspiring for me.

They say its image, its human for me.

Setelah baca sebuah tabloid lokal edisi hari ini, ternyata 80% pendapatan GIGI dan beberapa band anak negeri lainnya cuma dari manggung dan acara live. Kemana pendapatan dari CD recording nya? Ya, semua kembali ke piracy. Udah ga perlu dibahas lagi kalo pembajakan udah ada di mana-mana, bahkan bajakan dari produk bajakan udah banyak (ga jelas yang produk awal yang mana haha).

No! Sayur ga akan ngebahas cara men-stop pembajakan (CD khususnya) secara luas, karena Sayur sendiri gak terlalu ngerti sama konsep secara luasnya, maaf ya haha. Cuma mau ngebahas ide yang tadi kepikiran buat ngejual recording product (kayak CD, DVD, bla…bla…bla) yang–mungkin–anti bajakan.

Alat yang dibutuhkan:

1. Soft-copy dari produk yang akan dijual (lagu, film/video, dokumentasi, dll)

2. Mesin CD-writer

3. License dari alat no 1.

4. Toko ber-lisensi (mungkin Disctarra, A’ksara, dan teman-temannya)

Cara memasang dan menggunakan:

1. Sebarkan soft-copy berlisensi kepada toko-toko yang membeli lisensi tersebut (ingat bukan dalam bentuk CD, tapi soft-copy terbatas berlisensi dari Artis/Band nya sendiri).

2. Buatlah sebuah booth di toko-toko tersebut untuk mengunduh (download) file-file tadi.

3. Siapkan CD-writer nya.

4. Burn file-file yang sudah diunduh ke dalam CD yang sudah disiapkan (ingat! dalam format dimana file tersebut hanya bisa di lihat, bukan di pindahkan. Kemungkinan terburuk, CD ini cuma bisa digunakan di CD player haha).

5. Berikan cover dan content menarik untuk menemani CD tersebut.

Bingung? Sama! haha. Ya setidaknya itu satu konsep, daripada hanya ngedumel tentang harga CD yang makin naik. Kekurangan konsep yang kepikiran waktu ngetik: apakah mungkin file format yang ada di dalam CD bisa tersimpan tetap di CD? Karena bila bisa di pindahkan, sama saja dengan menjual CD biasa (ke pembajak) dan berakhir tragis seperti biasa dengan efek lisensi hilang tanpa jejak haha.

Kenapa tidak menjual langsung soft-copy file nya? Kebanyakan pencinta musik (di Indonesia khususnya) lebih menikmati menyimpan CD/DVD dari artis favoritnya. Lagipula kalau langsung menjual soft-copy nya, Sayur harus ganti judul blog nya haha (baca: malas).

Ada konsep yang lebih menarik? Atau masukan untuk konsep ini? Comment?

April 9th, 2009, proximately 21.45 hours, is when I first had this sort of thought. It’s all started after I saw a movie, which directed by Alex Proyas, about an Astrophysics professor who read a prophecy about the end of the days. When I get home, I try to surf about that movie (originally to see who plays as the daughter of the One). I click one of the links provided by the Google, and it is brought me to one of article from a huge database of article that usually becomes the reference of any article based answers. On one drag, I already found the answer I needed—actually more than what I needed. Then, on a split second, my attention is diverted. It started with a hyperlink about Astrophysics, continue to Astronomy, and finally to Enrico Fermi. Anyone know about Fermi Paradox? I’m not going to explain what is it about, where is the theory derived from, or a mere simple conclusion about it for myself are not exactly understand of it—literally. For all of many words that written on the article, only three words from Fermi that stick to my mind: Where are they? It is the question that leads him to found the Fermi paradox and the question of extraterrestrial life.

Where are they? Is in other planet? No one knows. One participant recollects that Fermi then made a series of rapid calculations using estimated figures (Fermi was known for his ability to make good estimates from first principles and minimal data). According to this account, he then concluded that Earth should have been visited long ago and many times over. How many times did you have heard stories about superior beings are giving its partial of intelligence to a subject of our world? It is numerous, either in shapes or locations. They give technologies, prophecies, and civilizations to us mankind in those stories; but none ever had exact evidence of their impliedly contact. I already know that human found the civilization and technology by doing several of development and ideas, but neither of it gave clearly assurance of the absent of other intelligence beings interferences.

I’m not talking about mere science fiction beings such as UFO or E.T., but rather to the idea of high-end beings. Not only about the capacity of its intelligences, but also the differences of its quality. Not about its whereabouts, but I’m talking about its existences. One perspective of those beings are they’re light-based sentient. This perspective is giving a way for them to be light-based activity beings. Such as travelling in light-speed, have shape of light, invisible upon man’s eyes, and so on. On the movie I mentioned above, the being have this kind of shape. I don’t really have the guts to linked this article to other issue as the movie have done, but it is possible to mankind have different perspective about those issue. What I have in mind is, it is possible to them for being here (Either in our Earth or our Dimension) and unnoticed by us, physically, for they are tricked our vision to have different kind of light. By doing so, our visions are not synchronized with their nature shape and make them invisible.

In the end, the question is not about right or wrong. Neither is about which, when, or where. If Fermi asked where are they? For He try to give scientific approach of certainty and calculated probability, I try to approach the other ways. It is perhaps an approach of uncertainty and abstract ideas. Furthermore, there are more out there than here. So here my question: What if?

What if it’s not like we already known all along?

“Most people think time is like a river, that flows swift and sure in one direction. But I have seen the face of time, and I can tell you they are wrong. Time is an ocean in a storm.”

-The Prince of Persia-

Kebanyakan orang memiliki ide untuk menjadi superstar, untuk menjadi pahlawan ataupun artis, menjadi terkenal, atau hanya ingin menjadi kaya. Kebanyakan dari mereka berakhir menjadi pemimpi, beberapa di antaranya menjadi orang-orang yang beraktivitas di dekat mimpi mereka, dan hanya segelintir orang yang dapat menikmati impiannya untuk menjadi kenyataan. Beragam tipe, warna, bangsa, bahkan sifat memiliki beragam pula impian. Mulai dari rakyat miskin, anak pejabat, mantan pembunuh, hingga anak muda metropolitan. Namun hidup ini hanya sebatas orang biasa, tidak lebih dari orang penting bagi diri sendiri. Memiliki kemampuan rata-rata, fisik rata-rata, bahkan kegiatan rata-rata. Bukan tidak bermimpi, namun hanya mimpi yang sangat sederhana. Impian itu bukan untuk menjadi astronot, artis, atau pun kriminal. Tapi hanya agar hidup menjadi berharga. Apa yang tidak dipunyai, sehingga tidak ada harga yang pantas untuk sebuah kehidupan? Beribu kata menyatakan bahwa yang kalian cari bukan dari yang kalian miliki. Kepintaran bukan untuk kesuksesan, ketangkasan bukan untuk kemenangan, kekayaan bukan untuk kebahagiaan, kesunyian bukan untuk kenyamanan, kesempurnaan bukan untuk kehidupan. Yang nyata hanya ukiran tinta pada secarik kertas, bahwa mereka yang berkuasa atas hidupnya adalah mereka yang lebih. Mereka, kalian, dan kami. Mencoba optimis, walaupun mengerti dengan sadar dan jelas bahwa dunia adalah seorang ibu tua yang pesimis tanpa keturunan. Apa yang bisa di jual, untuk mendapatkan harga yang pantas dalam hidup?

People has their thought

Children has their dream

Boys has their ways

Girls has their lists

Husband has their plans

Wife has their needs

But one they sometimes lack of

The tangibility of doing

15.00. Sore ini sebuah tayangan di televisi lokal menayangkan bagaimana kehidupan anak Indonesia di negara Jepang. Jepang yang dahulu menjajah bangsa ini, kini menjadi salah satu “sahabat” terdekat anak-anak Indonesia. Di acara tesebut juga di sebutkan bahwa kita sudah menjalin persahabatan terebut selama 50 tahun. Ya, sudah 50 tahun bangsa kita dan bangsa mereka mencoba untuk berkembang bersama (Walaupun bangsa mereka sudah mulai memiliki masyarakat yang lebih terorganisir mulai dari abad ke-15). Tapi, acara tersebut juga menyadarkan pikiran mereka yang menontonnya. Kenapa? Itu pertanyaan pertama yang keluar di benak mereka. Kenapa mereka sangat maju? Kenapa kota-kota mereka sangat bersih? Kenapa lalu-lintas mereka teratur? Kenapa…?

Entah apa jawaban dari pertanyaan-pertanyaan itu, namun satu hal yang terlihat dari acara tersebut. Walaupun memiliki jiwa anak-anak yang sama (dengan umur yang sama) dan berada dalam situasi acara yang sama, anak-anak Jepang terlihat memiliki antusiasme’ yang lebih dalam setiap kegiatan yang ada dalam acara tersebut.

Apakah benar kita memiliki antusiasme yang kurang dibandingkan negara yang lain? Just another thinking, for the future…