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As people talk about international ability of one nation in term of art production, my simple mind remind this memory of 2009. What will you feel when foreign tongue said your home-made words? When people from other side of the globe said “Sempurna”, its really makes me ………………… well, I’ll be stealing the glory by describing it. Will it be marking the beginning of international days of Indonesian song? who knows?

Youtube link :

Mp3: Nicholas Teo – Sempurna from the album The Moment of Silence 沉默的瞬間 (June 2009)

A short introduction about the singer (from my partner in crime Mrs. Wikipedia):

Nicholas Teo, born November 29, 1981, also known as Nicholas Zhang, is a Chinese-Malaysian singer signed under Play Music. Before returning to Malaysia, Nicholas was studying in Taiwan, where he won the Best Singer in a competition among all the Taiwan universities. Thereafter, he was approached and asked if he would sign up with a company as a back-up singer (backing vocalist, to harmonize with the lead vocalist), which Nicholas subsequently ignored. He returned to Malaysia without finishing his studies and participated in the singing competition “2002 Astro Talent Quest”. Nicholas won first place with the song 黃昏(Huáng Hūn), originally sung by Zhou Chuan Xiong. This led to Nicholas signing a contract in Taiwan with Music Street in 2003. On June 18, 2004 he released his first album 首選張棟樑 (“1st Choice Nicholas”).

As this issue was became so sensitive lately, as a people where this song originally comes from, I will say that this song is not covered as ‘stolen’ product but bought–legally–from the original producer. Maybe seeing one of their song covered abroad–legally–will poke our ‘pirate’ mind to sail-ahoy-away from the industry. Well, let’s hope so!

Enjoy 🙂