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Well, this idea while wrote my previous post. I make it in other post because it’ll not have exact relation to the previous post. After seeing some of Hayao Miyazaki’s work, I mumble to my self “These movies are revolved around youth issue, but did youth and children nowadays have tendency to realize these issue?” For example the nature issue in Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind or Prince Mononoke; or habit and relationship issue in Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro; also responsibility and sacrafice issue in Tales of Earthsea; and not to forget to mention respect issue in Howl’s Moving Castle. Many other issue could be seen, with many more titles to represent it.

Mentor of mine once said that youth nowadays would prefer more ‘cool’ and ‘refreshing’ kind of movies, where they only need to watch it once to prove their up-to-date existence in social networking. Only several of them interest in a movie with morality wisdom. I ask my friend once about this, she said “Isn’t it cartoon movies? Well, its for bed-time story not grown up.” and she just 18.

Majority of children, and youth, nowadays seeing movie in purpose to ‘copy-and-apply’ any lifestyle and standard embed in it. The morality of story and development of characteristic will be faded away with the credit title. Is it wrong to see the world with child’s perspective? Why everyone want to be grown up so fast?

Its too soon for me to think this way, but I know I’ll reserve these kind of movies. Not for me, but for my future child. Rather than educated by so-called updated entertainment and lifestyle of the star, optimistic and consistency of a imaginative hero guided with our understanding to the reality will be more safe for our next generation mind.


They say its childish, its honesty for me.

They say its naive, its optimist for me.

They say its not updated, its not materialistic for me.

They say its imaginative, its perspective for me.

They say its slow, its detail for me.

They say its too easy, its inspiring for me.

They say its image, its human for me.


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